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Photographs are something which we are excited about since childhood because once captured it will lasts for a lifetime. They are the original savings of memories. Photography is an art using lights. There are so many things that you can do it with the help of a camera but capturing the ever-cherishing moment of the life is priceless and only a picture-perfect photographer can do it flawless. This beautiful light art is considered as one of the world’s ferns as it creates magic.

A photograph is a combination of vision, imagination and perspective which comes out as a final result in your mind's eye.The best part of a photograph is it never changes even though the people in it do and that is why it must be captured naturally.

A photographer plays an important role in grand events because he does capture all the magical moments. Thousand words could not Express the feeling of one picture as the picture must speak itself. Only a compassionate photographer can do the right art using light. Photos are one of the best time travelling things that makes us to recall the precious moments and that is why we must choose the right photographer. You can find some real captivating photographs on our photo gallery. Please visit the website.to know more about different styles of photographs we offer, various styles of services as a package to capture special moments.We offer the events with a decent price and we really value your opinions and fulfill your requirements. We are one of the stylish,modern and affordable photographers in Chennai with best photographic gallery.

We offer different types of styles

Bridal photography

Everyone wants to have a brighter look on their Big day.Both the makeup artists and the photographer share equal part in their responsibilities. Make up without a photographer is like an ice cream without cherry. We offer pre-wedding, post-wedding photoshoots, outdoor photoshoots etc.

Candid photography

Not all can pose picture-perfect so candid photography is for those who have not learnt the art of posing. It is about understanding and capturing unplanned moments of someone’s emotions. It is unique because it does not have any exaggerated creativities done on the picture and it is being oneself as natural as the waves of the sea. Candid is full of emotions because you are letting the flow without disturbing the feel.

Product photography

It isn’t about capturing lively creatures but giving life to a product. For instance if you want to brand a product, projecting a product is more important than expressing the product features which is true to the words of the saying, Pucture speaks louder than words. We do the work of selling the product by its images. Photography advertising gives more information which enables the users to know more regarding the product particularly through ad campaigns that are very common in daily advertisements.

Wedding photography

Wedding does not imply the union of two individuals alone but it is the union of two families who came forward to bless the couple so if you are planning to capture those blessed moments, you certainly cannot miss the photography of your Big day.Photography in weddings is compared to the stars of the sky because both when clicked makes the entire place brighter. Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day,it will capture your memories, it will tell a story, and not just any story,it will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day which you preserve for the lifetime.

A good wedding photographer will have plenty of experience and will be able to get the best images in the simplest, easiest way possible which can be photo framed for your children and grandchildren.

Wedding photographs are the one which is left when everything else has been packed up and put away. For some reasons if the couples have to part away then the only thing on which they can be United is the memories or photographs taken on their Big day. We offer services and packages on all the above mentioned photographic styles and the ones which are not mentioned. Creating beautiful images is something that we are deeply passionate about for many years. Your moments and our clicks makes a picture-perfect photograph. Please reach out the website or give us a call for any appointments on any form of photographic styles

Differents Style of Photography

Bridal Make up photography
  • Every bride dreams of her wedding day and wants to be at her best appearance that day.
  • We cover your entire marriage ceremony from the band baaja to your bridal outfit, rituals to décor,food to bidal and all that you can think off in a wedding is shot and filmed to store timeless memories.
  • They artistically compose the shots,process images using tools to make it a sequential flow.
  • Certain factors like lightning, co ordination and so on plays a vital role here and only an experienced and passionate photographer can do it.
Pre and post- wedding shoots
  • Pre and post wedding shoots are rather intimate focussingmainly on the bride,groom and their immense love for each other.
  • These are the photo shoots ,modern couples are much more tickled about rather than the entire marriage ceremony and reception.
  • These shoots are more relaxed and let’s the couple be their natural self.
  • True emotions of all the stored up wedding jitters are perfectly captured in this type.
Wedding closeups
  • It is the actual art of capturing each others reactions enlarged by focusing them as small change makes a big difference to your close-up photos.
  • It develops creativity,eye for a good shot and it forces to find something interesting in even the most common of subjects in other types of pho.
  • It will help you to look for small details which helps you to choose subjects in an unique way.
  • Wedding close-up enhance the beauty of every reaction of romantic couples and even objects which adds beauty to the occasion.
HD Photography
  • HD or Vintage photos can really make you feel mushy and romantic.
  • Photographers create this effect by either using a film,medium,format camera or by using “Photoshop". If considering this style, ensure that your pictures are naturally rustic rather than created as you would not want your album to be filled with fake effects.
  • HD type of photography may bite your pocket but the photos captured might take you to a different era.
Destination or Outdoor Photoshoot
  • Outdoor/Destination wedding have become extremely popular these days.
  • Modern couples are opting to frisk far away from home to celebrate their union.
  • It is a mix of fine art and documentary styles which candidly captures the beautiful moments of the couple along with the landscapes,architecture, culture, religion and natural elements of the destination.
  • The images captured will clearly reflect the destination through the fine details captured in the images.
  • It aims to capture the scenic and serenicimages to save it for a lifetime.
Creative Photography
  • Creative Photography starts at home which will have an out-of-box thinking and this sort of photography is life-time learning.
  • It is a fusion and developed form of conventional and creative art.
  • It’s purpose is to stimulate creative thoughts and encourage experimentation with new ideas going beyond a simple photograph.
  • It also uses special methods to make things that are not real but seem to be real using photographic effects.
  • Some aspects maybe added to the photo to make it creative as there are no common workflows for being creative and this is what makes Creative Photography challenging .

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